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Detroit Car Manufacturers Secret to a Clean Sweep
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If any industry understands the need for janitorial supplies and services, it has to be the automobile community located in Detroit, MI. No matter if they are assembling or repairing, these auto experts know better than anyone the need to designate a top priority to their cleaning supplies.

From vacuuming to scrubbing, changing the oil, to cleaning air filters, the car industry knows that if they aren't clean, neither are their cars.
Since 1899, Dearborn, Grand Rapids and most of all, Detroit, has been known as the automotive epicenter of the United States. Through the decades upon decades of manufacturing, the Detroit area has provided billions of drivers with strong, dependable vehicles that easily get from point A, to point B, and even to the lesser known point C, on occasion.

Over the past century of automotive excellence, the Detroit manufacturers have always been mindful of clutter, dirt, grime, and any other build up that could be detrimental to the assembly process. It is that clean, crisp, concept that originally propelled GM, Ford and Chrysler into the spotlight on an international level, giving way to decades of economic boom. Although there have been some recent bumps in the proverbial road, the automakers of America have reclaimed their status as the "Big Three" in the world's automotive companies.

To that end, keeping a clean work on the manufacturing and repair line floor has always been a paramount need. Through each phase of the construction, priming, painting, and detailing process, keeping the area devoid of grime is a key component to success.
It was a well known fact that the pioneers of "Detroit Three," General Motors, Ford and Chrysler recognized this early, and passed this knowledge down to the current car czars; keeping a clean environment is an essential component in creating vehicles that are heavily relied on by the American and international consumer.

Why? It's the same reason every car commercial viewers see stars a sleek, gleaming, spotless machine. It is simple, clean looks better, and clean starts at the ground level. No one wants to buy a dirty car, a cluttered trunk, a grimy interior. That's why each and every car company is stocked to the brim with cleaning supplies, heavily staffed with janitorial services, and are typically painted white to promote a clean feel, similar to a hospital.

In many ways, Detroit is the United States' automotive hospital. Whether it's bringing them into the world, or repairing them like new, Detroit is where American cars are born. Like their medical counterparts, all top automotive manufacturers require a clean, almost sterile environment to operate. Although they might not were surgical masks and request scalpels, the same high status for cleaning supplies, janitorial needs, and overall cleanliness remains a constant.

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Posted by: Dan Dillon  

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