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Compare prices for all your food service supplies. Restaurants use coffee flatware, cups, dinnerware, platters, straws and more. Disposable cups and plates are excellent for catering companies. Trays and butcher paper are often found in delis and butcheries. Our section for bars and pubs is extensive. Browse our categories to find all the supplies you need for your restaurant, cafeteria, or other foodservice business.
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PartNumber   Mfg Name   Product Name   Merchants  
32RL DartDart Lid - Foam VentedAs Low As $ 21.85
Compare Prices
At 6 Stores
50HT1 DartDart Foam Hinged Lid Containers - Med SandwichAs Low As $ 19.03
Compare Prices
At 7 Stores
C30DX3R DartDart ClearPac 3 Compartment Diagonal As Low As $ 41.99
Compare Prices
At 1 Stores
SS8CDYC Solo CupSilent Service Foamdinnerware Champagn - 8 OzAs Low As $ 399.60
Compare Prices
At 1 Stores
C56NT2 DartSmall Nacho Trays - 2 CompartmentsAs Low As $ 30.36
Compare Prices
At 5 Stores
06-0635 LIBBEYproductnameAs Low As $ 232.99
Compare Prices
At 1 Stores
50176 Rediform Office ProductsRediform Phone Message Book, Memo Style, 100 Sheet, 11 in. x5.75 in.As Low As $ 5.25
Compare Prices
At 2 Stores
Date Blog Title
Sep 03 2015

Top 5 Things To Remember When Hosting A Clambake

Another clambake season is upon us and here at Dean Supply, we couldn't be more excited! Fresh lobster, sweet corn and succulent shellfish is enough to make anyone's mouth water. No summer is complete without one or two of these iconic celebrations. Reading this far, you already want to host a clambake of your own - We don't blame you! So here are a few tips to remember to start you on your seafood adventure. 1. Fresh Seafood This is the main event of the clambake - it needs to be done right. As we all know, seafood does not have a long shelf life so it is very important that it is still chilled and alive and kicking when the bake begins. Make sure to purchase your lobster, littlenecks (or soft-shell clams) and shrimp the same day or a day in advance. The fresher, the better. 2. Pit Vs. Pot Traditionally, clambakes take place outdoors and requires you to dig a pit for the steaming process. This may not be legal in many locations and the preparation time is increased due to digging (approximately 36" deep and wide) and gathering nonporous rocks and wood for the fire. You would also need to layer your ingredients with seaweed in between to ensure moisture is retained. That being said, using a pit to steam has a higher risk of food not being cooked all the way through, so be careful. This is a true summer experience however, if you take the time and plan ahead for it. The alternative method would be to use a steamer. No digging required, you save time on preparations and clean-up and, of course, it is completely legal. Checking to make sure all food is cooked through is also easier using a steamer rather than a pit. Start with steaming the lobsters, then add your corn and red-skinned potatoes (after about 10 minutes) followed by the smaller ingredients such as your clams and shrimp. For best results, serve food OUTDOORS for whichever method you choose. 3. Make It Yours We all know the traditional ingredients that make a clambake. This doesn't mean there is no room to add your own personal touches. Yes, the traditional ingredients are the staple but adding ingredients such as mussels, scallops or kielbasa can improve the experience. Include other fresh vegetables, a variety of spices or pair the seafood with a beef element to create a surf and turf. Use your creativity to make your clambake one-of-a-kind. 4. Don't Forget The Extras! Some people claim they cannot eat lobster without a little butter or a splash of lemon. And what are clams or oysters without hot sauce? Make sure these items are on hand and fully stocked. Do not leave the side dishes out either, this is a party. Just like a rockin' concert, every headliner needs an opener. Char-grilled baguettes with tomato and olive oil, green summer salads and fruity, creamy desserts can add to your clambake experience so once again, use your creativity. 5. Tableware You will need a few items to ensure your clambake goes off without a hitch. Table covers, pot forks, butter warmers and tongs all should be on your list, not to mention the clam knives, bags and bowls. The last thing you want is to have to run to the store multiple times while everyone is enjoying your clambake. That's a lot to remember though, so here is a checklist to help ensure you have everything you need. Dean Supply has all of the products, spices and cutlery you will need to be the next clambake hero. I know, you can almost taste it! Stop into your one-stop clam shop today and stock-up on all of your clambake essentials so you can start hosting! Oh, and please invite us, we're hungry.
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