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Sporks are a great way to simplify your foodservice establishments, cafeterias and prison dining halls. Give your patrons just 1 utensil for both. Sporks decrease your money spend and decrease the amount of wasted plastic in the world.
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PartNumber   Mfg Name   Product Name   Merchants  
CMP21C Georgia PacificSporks Plastic Heavy Weight - 5.75 InchAs Low As $ 16.49
Compare Prices
At 5 Stores
MWPPSPK BoardwalkWhite Medium Weight Plastic SporkAs Low As $ 10.85
Compare Prices
At 4 Stores
MWSPKIW BoardwalkWhite Wrapped Polypropylene SporksAs Low As $ 49.44
Compare Prices
At 2 Stores
GSP01000 Restaurant Supply1000ct White medium weight plastic SporksAs Low As $ 7.96
Compare Prices
At 1 Stores
YFW-QW BoardwalkMediumweight Polypropylene Sporks White - CaseAs Low As $ 8.67
Compare Prices
At 7 Stores
PPSPK Generations ConsumerMedium Weight SporkAs Low As $ 7.99
Compare Prices
At 3 Stores
20541 GoldmaxGoldmax Cutlery Medium Weight Bulk SporkAs Low As $ 13.25
Compare Prices
At 2 Stores
MOWC Solo CupRegal Individually Wrapped Spork - WhiteAs Low As $ 28.24
Compare Prices
At 1 Stores
MOWC-0007 Solo CupWhite Medium Weight Plastic Sporks - BulkAs Low As $ 21.45
Compare Prices
At 1 Stores
705463 Restaurant SupplyWhite medium weight plastic Sporks Individually Wrapped 1000ctAs Low As $ 12.99
Compare Prices
At 1 Stores
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