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You are here: Home >Janitorial >Waste Containers >WasteBaskets >10 Gallon Fire Resistant Wastebasket Beige
10 Gallon Fire Resistant Wastebasket Beige
Weight :10.00
Cube :1.39
Unit of Measure : 1 wastebasket
UpcCode : 86876117295
Contemporary shape with UL rating. Rounded corners add strength and are easy to clean. Long-lasting fiberglass resists chips and dents; wonít rust. Textured finish helps minimize appearance of surface scratches. Tested and classified by Underwriters Laboratories as able to contain burning paper without the wastebasket melting or contributing fuel to the containerís contents.
254400 by Rubbermaid
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StoreProductCodeUOMStore Product NameYour Price
Comet Supply2544BEI1 Each C-WASTEBASKET| 40 QT| F RE RESIST| BEIGE $43.94
Shoplet.comRCP2544BEI1 Each Rubbermaid Commercial Products Fiberglass Wastebaskets - RCP2544BEI$49.46
Wholesale Janitorial SupplyRCP2544BEI1 Each Fire-Resistant Fiberglass Wastebaskets Beige$51.66
Cleaning StuffRCP2544BEI1 Each Rubbermaid Wastebasket Fire Retardant 10 Gallon Plastic Beige$54.95
Betty MillsRCP2544BEI1 Each Rubbermaid Commercial Fiberglass Wastebaskets$68.09
Round Eye SupplyRCP254400BGEach Fire Resistant Beige Wastebasket - 40 Qt.$77.64
Twin SupplyRCP2544BEI1 Each Fiberglass Wastebaskets fire-resist Wastebasket 40 Qtfiberglass Bei 4/ctn$83.40
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   More Info for 254400 10 Gallon Fire Resistant Wastebasket Beige from Rubbermaid
2544 BEI Rubbermaid Commercial ProductsC-WASTEBASKET| 40 QT| F RE RESIST| BEIGE, 2544BEI, Rubbermaid Commercial Products
RCP2544BEIRubbermaid Commercial Productsoffice supplies, office, office machines, paper, cartridge,RCP2544BEI paper clips, toner, printer, copier, notebook, fax, small business
RCP2544BEIRubbermaid CommercialRCP2544BEI, RCP 2544 BEI, RUBBERMAID COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS Fire-Resistant Fiberglass Wastebaskets Beige
RCP2544BEIRubbermaid CommercialRubbermaid Wastebasket Fire Retardant 10 Gallon Plastic Beige, RCP2544BEI, Rubbermaid Commercial
RCP 2544 BEIRubbermaid Commercial ProductsJansan, Waste Receptacles, Wastebaskets, Fiberglass Wastebaskets, Rubbermaid Commercial, RCP 2544 BEI, RCP2544BEI, Fiberglass Wastebaskets, Betty Mills Price: $49.89 Each
2544BEIRubbermaid Commercial ProductsRubbermaid Commercial Products, RCP2544BEI, RCP 2544BEI, Fire Resistant Beige Wastebasket - 40 Qt., Wastebasket, Fire Resistant Wastebasket, Beige Wastebasket, 40 Qt. Wastebasket
RCP2544BEIRubbermaid Commercial Productsjanitorial supplies,Indoor Containers and Tops--Wastebaskets,RCP2544BEI,RCP2544BEI, Indoor Containers and Tops--Wastebaskets,Janitorial Supplies,Cleaning,Maintenance Equipment, RCP 2544 BEI
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